Work Order Management
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The WorkOasis Work Order Management application utilizes a web-based workflow process that is email driven. Workflow can be easily self-configured by the user to match current operating practices and can be customized for different building types.

Typical steps in the workflow include:

  • Creating a service request
  • Approving and creating a work order
  • Sending the work order to the vendor
  • Vendor acceptance and ETA
  • Vendor check in and checkout (can include IVR)
  • Work completion (can include customer approval of quote per NTE)
  • Work completion approval
  • Completion of a customer satisfaction score by the customer
  • Creation of an invoice by the vendor
  • Approval of the invoice (can include up to 5 levels by $ threshold)
  • Invoice sent to AP for payment

Work orders can be generated based on demand, scheduled services or project task. Each work order can be tracked and reported in real-time, based on nine different status categories, with each step of the workflow being both time stamped and documented by change of state for each user. Documents may also be added on most workflow steps and are easily accessed through a comprehensive document management application.

Each work order is associated with an asset and utilizes a dynamic link so equipment and service history can be reviewed, prior to dispatch. Pieces of equipment under warranty are tracked and flagged as part of the warranty alert process, to eliminate the possibility of missed warranty calls.

Work orders can be customized to include customer header and footer information for standard terms and conditions, NTEs, and procedures, including the requirement to review and accept attached documents as part of the work acceptance process. Dispatchers can easily see and source vendors via drop down listings, Goggle mapping by distance, or by assigning default providers. The dashboard can be configured by user and utilizes dynamic links for sorting as well as quick search features for sites, work, and purchase orders.

Work orders are accessible by blackberry or any other internet-enabled phone. For onsite staff personnel or dispatched vendors, work orders can be translated into any of Googles 22 supported languages and printed; improving both the understanding and terms and conditions of the work required.
Service request entry
  • Auto-populated service request information
  • Email parser and frame for easy input of requests
  • Customizable call avoidance scripts
  • Customizable service category names

Service contractor selection
  • Auto-populated primary contractors
  • Secondary contractor drop down option
  • Google mapping to identify closest vendor to site and directions

Work order management
  • Four standard types; demand, scheduled, project, and warranty
  • Customizable call avoidance scripts
  • Self-populating data
  • Automated work acceptance and ETA email notification to the requestor
  • Equipment drop down with make, model, serial #, and warranty information
  • Dynamic links to equipment, vendors, and documents, for easy information look-up
  • Translatable into Google supported languages
  • Contractor sign-in and sign-out via IVR
  • Self-populating NTE (option)
  • Self-populating PO (option)
  • Easy-to-use dashboards (new, open, closed)
  • Easy-to-track, color coded status levels (nine standard)
  • Ability to hold for bid and quote approval
  • Ability to add notes and documents
  • Automated dispatch via energy management and monitoring systems

Service level agreement (SLA) management and alarming
  • NTE by category
  • Alarm notification by priority and elapsed time (including aging)
  • Alarm notification by customer satisfaction rating
  • Email-based alert escalation

Paperless email-based workflow – work order to invoice
  • Time stamping of each step in the workflow
  • Meets Sarbanes Oxley compliance testing
  • Six Sigma-based design eliminates many common errors
Return on Investment

Using WorkOasis to automate the workflow process can move a paper and people-intensive process with 53 steps, down to 11 steps; greatly improving speed, accuracy, and control of your maintenance activities. It eliminates many of the common problems associated with the processing of paper invoices including duplicate invoices, incorrect taxes, and labor rates outside of your negotiated agreements.

Cost Reduction:

WorkOasis has documented a 74% reduction the administrative costs to process maintenance invoices driven by electronic workflow, that eliminates paper and speeds processing time.

Typically, we can save you between 1-1.5% of your total maintenance budget by eliminating billing errors and improving compliance to contractually negotiated terms and conditions.

WorkOasis also improves the equipment warranty process and saves, on average, $300 for each missed warranty service event.

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